The reception

The reception is customized to reflect your tastes by creating personalized menus.
The refined and elegant presentations ensure that each course is a joy for the eyes and the palate.

Food is an essential component for the success of any event, which is why we dedicate extraordinary attention to this aspect.
Our chefs boast a long year experience, creating top level catering that differs according to the type of event and adapts to the requirements of the client. Refinement, creativity, fresh and quality ingredients are the basis of our dishes.

We offer a wide choice of classic and innovative recipes to compose your personalized menu taking into consideration any allergies, intolerances and specific dietary needs (vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant etc …).

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Via Camporbiano, 20 Loc. Castagno
50050 Gambassi Terme Firenze

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